Mecha Ad Authority Service Includes

a man in a chair working with a robot
a man in a chair working with a robot
graphs and charts showing demographics
graphs and charts showing demographics
AI & Human Expertise
Precision Targeting
a man holding a sign surrounded by different types of ads
a man holding a sign surrounded by different types of ads
a woman on a computer screen surrounded by social media and website icons
a woman on a computer screen surrounded by social media and website icons
Multiple Ad Types/Mediums
Multiple Ad Platforms

Our human ads specialist are highly trained and experienced digital advertisers who monitor and adjust our AI program as needed.

Our program consists of a proprietary set of AI algorithms that ensure that our optimization process is accomplished swiftly and in real-time.

Why You Want It

Unlike traditional methods, our use of AI means that your ad campaigns are monitored and optimized 24/7, because AI doesn't need to take lunch breaks or sleep.

Not to mention, opportunities in your ad campaigns can come and go faster than a human can blink. Well AI never blinks, so you're always getting optimal ad performance in every respect.

That means, the right person sees it, at the right time, on the right platform and on the right medium, in the right ad type, for the lowest cost to you.

We make use of multiple behavioral databases that can target:

  • Specific Websites Visited

  • Offline Behaviors

  • Specific Geographic Locations

  • Similar Purchases

  • Specific Keywords Searched

  • Emails Received From Competitors

  • Demographics

  • Psychographics

  • And More!

Why You Want It

Many advertising agencies only target your ad audience based on information gathered from the ad platforms you're advertising on.

We go the extra mile and have gained access to copious informational databases outside of the ad platforms themselves, so we can more accurately target your desired customer.

Which means, we don't waste your money showing your ads to people who will never purchase your product or service.

Why You Want It

We like to have as many options as possible, because advertising is not a one size fits all situation.

Not all clients will use all ad types and mediums, but we want to give all of our clients the right opportunities so their ads can be successful.

Display is often the right place to start, but once successful, we want to give our clients a path forward so they can continue to grow.

We offer our clients as many ad types and mediums as possible.

  • Display (banner, social, email, native)

  • Remarketing

  • Digital Video

  • Digital Audio

  • CTV (smart devices)

  • Phones

  • Computers

  • TVs

Why You Want It

Much like ad types and mediums, it's always good to have options. Some clients' ads will work best utilizing search engines, while others will get the best return on social media platforms.

Our algorithms are constantly assessing the best platform to spend each of your ad dollars on, so no money is wasted.

We tailor our approach every time, because different clients have different needs and different objectives.

We're able to provide multiple ad platforms for our clients.

  • Search Engines (Google, etc.)

  • Social Media (Facebook, etc.)

  • Other Websites (News, etc.)

  • Apps

  • Streaming Services (Spotify, AppleTV, etc.)

Mecha Ad Authority is a leading programmatic marketing agency specializing in digital advertising.

Our innovative approach combines sophisticated AI algorithms with human oversight to deliver exceptional results for our clients.