Mecha Ad Authority Pricing

Advertising agencies generally charge small and medium size businesses anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000/month to run their ads, plus often exorbitant set up fees. And most of them lock you into a long term contract.

Though, of course, that can be really hard for the average consumer to easily figure out as very few advertising agencies are willing to list their prices and policies on their website.

Well, at Mecha Ad Authority we believe in being transparent and client friendly. Which is why we stick to the low end of that scale with a cost of only $2,000/month plus a one time set up fee of just $500. We want to remain affordable to the clients that need our expertise.

Plus, we have full confidence in our skills, so we don't do contracts. We offer a choice of either monthly or quarterly (3 month) services, so you only stick around only as long as you want to.

  • $2000/month OR $4500/quarter

  • $500/set up

  • Minimum ad spend of $5000/month required

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a man with a thought bubble showing money
a man with a thought bubble showing money

Mecha Ad Authority is a leading programmatic marketing agency specializing in digital advertising.

Our innovative approach combines sophisticated AI algorithms with human oversight to deliver exceptional results for our clients.