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At Mecha Ad Authority we combine the ingenuity and creativity of human digital ads specialists along with sophisticated AI algorithms to give you your best possible ad campaign results and skyrocket your ROAS.

futuristic computer screens
futuristic computer screens

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a woman relaxing on a couch with her hands behind her head

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  • Willing to spend at least $5000/month on ads?

  • Not seeing the customer growth you want?

  • Not getting the ROAS (return on ad spend) you need?

  • Tired of worry about it?

What we are and why we're awesome...

Mecha Ad Authority is a Programmatic Marketing agency, which means we use our AI software to optimize and run ads in real time. There is no wasting time and money (your money!) by analyzing ad data after the fact and then making adjustments. Our AI constantly analyzes data and refines its strategies to make the most optimal ad placements for you every time and increase your ROI.

We make use of multiple outside databases in order to gather demographic information for accurate targeting. This is essential in the current advertising market due to the new privacy policies that have been enacted in the past few years.

We are also able to accurately track potential customers all across the web, so you aren't just targeting someone on one site and device. Your ads will follow them across multiple websites and multiple devices in order to familiarize them with your business and make them more likely to convert.

Want to find out more? Schedule a free consultation with us and we'd be happy to discuss and answer any questions you might have.

Happy Clients

Mecha Ad Authority has helped us increase our online visibility and our ROAS is significantly better than it used to be. - Ruba E.

Very skilled. Not sure how they deliver such outstanding results but I'm loving it! - Taylor A.

We're extremely satisfied with Mecha Ad Authority's marketing services. They've really exceeded our expectations. - Jim H.

Mecha Ad Authority is a leading programmatic marketing agency specializing in digital advertising.

Our innovative approach combines sophisticated AI algorithms with human oversight to deliver exceptional results for our clients.